Building City Dashboards

Interactive data visualization, projection mapping, 3D printing, exhibitions

I am currently working as an interactive installation developer and exhibition production manager on the SFI funded Building City Dashboards research project at the National Centre for Geocomputation, Maynooth University. One of the goals of the project is to develop new alternative data presentations that can provide robust data analysis and decision support frameworks to be used by experts and citizens, improving user experience and supporting new modes of social interaction with city data.

There are several outputs of the project including data dashboard web applications, virtual and augmented reality 3D city models, planning tools and others. I am responsible for the creation of an interactive installation that features data visualizations projected onto specially fabricated scale models of Dublin and Cork cities. This webpage is a documentation of work-in-progress on this aspect of the project.

The models are 3.5m x 2m in size with accurate topography at a scale of 1:2000 yielding a representation of 28km2 of terrain in each model. They are built from Prime2 and LiDAR datasets kindly made available by Ordnance Survey Ireland. I manipulated this data using the data integration software FME, validating and finalising the results using Blender. Using resources available at Maynooth University, I created several iterations of paper and 3D printed prototypes in order to assess model scale, geographical area and material finish and make decisions on these parameters in consultation with the research team. I then created a set of digital model tiles that were digitally finished and printed by the fabrication company, 3DPrintingIreland.

I am now finalising the data visualisation components of the installation using TouchDesigner for visualization rendering, interaction and projection mapping with additional Python scripting to handle acquisition and manipulation of data in GeoJSON and other standard GIS formats. Below are examples of work-in-progress visualizations of OSi Prime2 building data; Dublin City Council air quality N02, PM10 and PM25; Noise levels at daytime and nighttime; animated Luas Red Line trams and a historic map.

I am also the project manager of a public exhibition initially intended to show research outputs of the project in Cork and Dublin. In this role, I am responsible for exhibition design, curation, scheduling and procurement. Due to Covid19 however, the public exhibition has been cancelled, and will be replaced by a virtual exhibition which is currently in production, to be completed by the end of 2020.